Friday OneWheelin'

A Onewheel is a mix of surfing and snowboarding but on land anywhere you want, in the city or on some trails. No longer do I need to wait 7-8 months to “shred some pow“. I needed to get out of the house for a couple hours and this is what happened. I had to get a little creative later in the video as I shot this on a phone and didn’t have a tripod available. Searching and constructing a suitable phone prop took up most of the time. I guess I’ll be designing and 3D printing a mini phone tripod next week.

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 6)

I just realized I never finished this trip’s images. Here’s the rest of the image dump. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 5)

I was off on my own from here on out. I had chosen to head to Honeymoon State Park. I went there before to catch a sunset but didn't have enough time to explore the island.

The moment I drove in there was a gigantic turtle crossing the road. They were scattered all around the park. 


Upon walking up the beach I stopped at a cove that a bunch of birds were hanging out. Decided to test out this D850 and the 70-200mm on some action and wildlife.


Running out of light, I proceeded to walk the rest of the beach.

Found some interesting creatures on the beach. It had a jelly type feel to it.

Tyler Harney Beach Tampa
Tyler Harney Tampa Trip Beach Bird.jpg

I finally got the the end of the beach, set my stuff down and went for a walk through the water. That walk ended quite quickly when I glanced down to find myself one step away from stepping on a group of sting rays. 

Tampa Sting Rays.jpg

The sun was going down so I had to head back but made some stops along the way. 

Tyler Harney Tampa Beach Sunset.jpg
Tampa Beach Sunset-2.jpg
Tyler Harney Tampa Beach Sunset Tree.jpg

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 4)

It was Jamie's last day down so we swam in the pool one last time. I was trying to relearn how to do a backflip from my trampoline days. Never quite got the form down.

There are only so many backflips you can do before getting dizzy and my precious camera was getting soaked so I thought of something else... A composite image of the two of us in multiple locations. 



This last one is probably my favorite of them all. There's just so much going on! The great thing about making these images, is that you really don't know what you'll end up with in the end. We did a number of different poses around the pool. Once you bring them all in photoshop as different layers you then can organize and pick the parts of the image you want to include in the final product.

For this last one, it just so happened that the two Jamie's sitting on the left side were looking in the directions of the other two Jamie's. And I didn't remember jumping in the deep end until I uploaded them and figured that worked out pretty well.


These are super simple to do but you gotta remember to blend all the shadows and details that are around each subject. Each image took about an hour to finish. The one of me jumping into the pool above this paragraph was the most difficult one becasue each part of me was overlapping. 

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 3)

All Jamie thinks about are girls.. I kid you not. Ask him. Maybe a little bit of money too. But mostly girls.

There was no way that there was any chance that Jamie was going to go through the vacation without shooting a model while in Florida. It was pretty close though. We (...he) must have DM'd at least 10 girls prior and during his time down there. Only a few got back to us and only 1 actually followed through. 

I'm not one to have any shoot ideas when it comes to portraits. Ask Jamie for that, he's got all of the epic ideas.


Jamie chose a tennis court to shoot at. We ran into a problem once we got there. The courts were locked so Jamie went on a mission. And we were running out of sunlight.













This is Giselle, we got a hold of her by direct messaging her on Instagram. The plan was to use the shadow of the net that would be cast onto the court during sunset. I didn't bother to check my astronomy app to confirm this ahead of time. The nets ran east to west which is probably a good idea if you're playing tennis during those hours. That idea was out but there was a fence that had cast a nice shadow so that worked.

Photo by Jamie Cline

I usually let Jamie do his thing and I hang back a bit to shoot some behind the scenes (BTS). 

Below are some of the photos of my own taken during the shoot.

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 2)

The first thing we we're going to do was to head down to Clearwater Beach. It's about a half hour away. Driving without the doors on was pretty difficult to get used to at first. You're trying to concentrate on the road while things are whizzing past you in your peripherals.


We stopped on the way back to grab some shots of the Jeep.


Upon leaving we ran into some wildlife.

Remember the previous post that I mentioned about hanging out of the Jeep? That's the pelican I was talking about. (By the way, all images shown can be clicked on to be viewed larger.)

We came back to do some cannonballs into the pool.

...On to Part 3

A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 1)

Took a trip down to Florida with my dad and my buddy Jamie for a week. We had to rent a car cause there was only one car at the house. I usually try to rent a convertible, cause you know, vacation. And it's also Florida, hot and sunny. And finally, we're photographers and you never know when you might have to hang out of a of a car traveling at 35mph struggling to photograph a pelican that is flying what seemed to be at arms length. Cause that happened.

We called the car rental company to book our rental before leaving Chicago and the rental company didn't have any convertibles which was a bummer. 

The flight was good, but was stuck in the middle seat during the most insane cloud formations and colors I've seen from the sky to date.

Touched down, got to the rental garage, and they told us to pick any vehicle with the trunk open. I spotted a bright red jeep with it's hatch swung open way down at the other end before the man could even finish that sentence. Score! And people think I need glasses.

The doors and roof came off that next morning and so did part of my skin the day after that because we forgot sunscreen. But before the doors came off, we needed to run to Home Depot for a ratchet and hex tool. By the way, don't expect to be let through airport security with a ratchet. Something about it being a metal object and the length of it. The hex tool thingy is a T50 and there are two screws per door. Upon walking out we noticed a storm between us and home and left part of the roof at home. So we got rained on.

Jeep doors off (1 of 1).jpg

I printed on Bamboo FineArt paper and this is what happened

Actually, I wish I could share what happened and while I tried taking various photos of the print showing the texture and the kind of look it had but it didn't work too well. I will say I'm about to throw out all my glossy lustre paper and make the switch to a fine art paper though. 

A couple of bullet points:

  • It raised the black point a considerable amount
  • which gave it less contrast, making it easier on the eye
  • yet still held it's punch

Believe it or not, this is the look that I've been trying to edit my photos to. I attached the sample print below but it doesn't do it justice at all. The feel of the paper itself is something I have never felt before either. Below that, is the original image of Yosemite Valley.

I guess the only other option would be, to buy a print and find out for yourself.     ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

001 (1).jpg
Yosemite Valley Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper
Yosemite Valley rocks trees - Web Prepared.jpg

Foggy Days Are Photo Days

It was pretty rainy today. Most people would disregard any outdoor activities. But any experienced photographer knows better.  I noticed it stopped raining and the sun was hiding behind a curtain of fog. It was already pretty low and sunset was happening within the hour.

I knew I had around 30 minutes to get to the city. 

Made it.

▶ My gear list:

Chicago Skyline Sunset Anchor in Lake Michigan Water.jpg

Fun in the snow with Fantasy Life

Went out Sunday to utilize the last bit of snow on the ground and another excuse to shoot the 200mm f/2. 

▶ My gear list:

Tyler Harney Photography-Fantasy-Snow-200mm-f2-(6).jpg

Epic snow shoot with Kaereilly

We couldn't have asked for better timing. It started snowing the moment Jamie and I pulled up to meet Kaerielly at our photo location. We ended up at a permission wall just off of Kedzie and I-55. Really cool place where artists are allowed to graffiti part of a wall with their design. We plan on coming back during the summer for a dusk shoot with the studio strobes.


▶ My gear list:


Tyler Harney Photography-Kaereilly Snow Shoot_ (13).jpg

Jamie did some filming but unfortunately ran into issues with the Moza Air gimbal we just bought last month. Typical equipment failure out on a shoot especially after all the testing we did at home.. 

Final images from the shoot

The incredible Nikkor 200mm f/2

Got my hands on the Nikkor 200mm f/2 this past weekend. What an epic lens. I don't have much to say other than wait for the next two blog posts for photos taken with this lens. It's definitely on the heavy side, coming in at 10lbs with the D850. The weight is good especially being a 200mm prime to hold steady. The speed of the autofocus and sharpness is incredible.

▶ My gear list:


Tyler Harney Photography- Nikon D850 with 200mm f2.jpg
Tyler Harney Photography- Nikon D850 with 200mm f2-2.jpg
Tyler Harney Photography- Nikon D850 with 200mm f2-3.jpg

A Spontaneous Trip To The Big Apple

My friend Nicole and I have this thing where we go 5-6 months without seeing each other and one day we'll call each other up to go out and shoot photos. We'll always get on the topic of traveling and where we want to visit next. When we got back this time, we found a super cheap flight to NYC in two weekends also remembering that both of us had $50 travel credit with United Airlines from the time we went to Seattle Washington and had delays on our outbound trip. In the end, we each paid $60 for a round trip to New York and couldn't pass it up.

We decided against am Airbnb and chose to stay at Pod 51 in Midtown. I have to say, it was the perfect location but it was a small room and you don't have a bathroom for yourselves. There are 4 bathrooms on each floor, each with their own showers. We never ran into problems with bathrooms not being available though.

▶ My gear list:

We headed to the World Trade Center and checked out the mall. Incredible architecture, photos for days. We ended the trip with a visit to the Rockefeller Center.

 Empire State Building 2018

Empire State Building 2018

 Manhatten Bridge and the World Trade Center at Night

Manhatten Bridge and the World Trade Center at Night

Gentle Snow Over Pine Trees

It snowed today. And it snowed a lot. I've been wanting to get out and get some 120fps footage ever since I got this new D850 camera. I originally had the idea to film some slow-motion footage of the snow falling in front of one of our malibu lights near dusk but it snowed so much during the day that the malibu lights were fully covered. Out with that idea.


Paired with my 70-200mm f/2.8E, I set up on my front porch and aimed up to a group of pine trees/cones in my front yard. One of my favorite clips to date.