Getting Movement in Photography

Posting this because A, they’re riding OneWheels and B, this post will remind me to slow the shutter speed the next time Jamie and I are out riding.

Current OneWheel stats:
1098mi (#661)
113mi riden in the past 7 days (#385)

Friday OneWheelin'

A Onewheel is a mix of surfing and snowboarding but on land anywhere you want, in the city or on some trails. No longer do I need to wait 7-8 months to “shred some pow“. I needed to get out of the house for a couple hours and this is what happened. I had to get a little creative later in the video as I shot this on a phone and didn’t have a tripod available. Searching and constructing a suitable phone prop took up most of the time. I guess I’ll be designing and 3D printing a mini phone tripod next week.