A trip to Tampa, Florida (Part 5)

I was off on my own from here on out. I had chosen to head to Honeymoon State Park. I went there before to catch a sunset but didn't have enough time to explore the island.

The moment I drove in there was a gigantic turtle crossing the road. They were scattered all around the park. 


Upon walking up the beach I stopped at a cove that a bunch of birds were hanging out. Decided to test out this D850 and the 70-200mm on some action and wildlife.


Running out of light, I proceeded to walk the rest of the beach.

Found some interesting creatures on the beach. It had a jelly type feel to it.

Tyler Harney Beach Tampa
Tyler Harney Tampa Trip Beach Bird.jpg

I finally got the the end of the beach, set my stuff down and went for a walk through the water. That walk ended quite quickly when I glanced down to find myself one step away from stepping on a group of sting rays. 

Tampa Sting Rays.jpg

The sun was going down so I had to head back but made some stops along the way. 

Tyler Harney Tampa Beach Sunset.jpg
Tampa Beach Sunset-2.jpg
Tyler Harney Tampa Beach Sunset Tree.jpg

Foggy Days Are Photo Days

It was pretty rainy today. Most people would disregard any outdoor activities. But any experienced photographer knows better.  I noticed it stopped raining and the sun was hiding behind a curtain of fog. It was already pretty low and sunset was happening within the hour.

I knew I had around 30 minutes to get to the city. 

Made it.

▶ My gear list: http://goo.gl/yqZCsS

Chicago Skyline Sunset Anchor in Lake Michigan Water.jpg