Tyler Harney

Tyler is a seeker, passionately pursuing what it means to be a Maker, an Application Engineer, a Nightlife promoter, and a Photographer. From earliest childhood, he has been highly creative, often re-engineering toys and his physical environment. Friends were often treated to light shows of lasers, strobes and fog. 

Tyler’s photography began in the top Chicago nightclubs, taking photos of grinning guests to be posted to the venue’s website. Before very long the images took on an artistic quality. Tyler found himself exploring the quality of light in the moments when a performer ignited the atmosphere with sound and color. He unselfishly shared these images with DJ’s, and sometimes they appeared on artist’s covers.

Tyler rapidly outgrew his semi-pro camera and moved on to his professional Nikon cameras and lenses.

Expanding his subject matter, he began to shoot Chicago at night favoring blue hour. He shot on city streets highlighting architecture and skylines, he camped out in marshes and on beaches, he hiked the woods and public places. He disappeared for long hours and days perfecting his craft.

His trademark atmospheric quality suffused sunrises and sunsets, reflections off of water, glass, steel, and wildlife caught a moment in time. He added helicopter shoots and drones to extend the reach of his vision.

It wasn’t long before his love for animals and nature had him traveling to National parks and seashores. Following his nightclub DJ’s, he traveled to Europe. All the while, he has been shooting and evolving his personal vision of light captured so perfectly that we can almost hear the music.


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